Friday, 10 June 2016

Projected poetry in Nottingham

Yesterday the Dylan Thomas Centre and David Higham Associates (who control the Dylan Thomas copyright) kindly gave us permission to use 10 of Dylan Thomas' lines to be part of the collection of 365 poems to be projected randomly, one a night, on the railway/tram bridge wall outside Nottingham railway station on Station Street.

Of the 10 lines I chose, my absolute favourite line of his is:

Drunk as a vineyard snail

Most of the poems have all been drawn now and the projectors raspberry pi is being programmed next week.

Massive thanks to Duncan Turner, Sharon Scaniglia, Nottingham City Council, Dylan Thomas Centre and David Higham.

I have been further testing the poems on my model.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jo,

    Jonathan Hale just sent me a link to your project and it looks brilliant. I like how interesting and stark (aphoristic?) each line seems, out of the context of the longer poem.

    It fits in very well with an initiative my colleague Philip Jones at UoN and I are running in Nottingham as part of the City of Lit activities. Our scheme is called Words for Walls and involves printed displays of poetry in buses, on bus stops and in other public spaces across the city, from October of this year. Details (include contact email) on

    All the best for the project - can't wait to see it in action.