Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Programmed and interactive lighting. InterSection. Leeds.

Central Square, Leeds.

A combination of programmed and interactive lighting.

The lighting has a seasonal colour palette and changes colour and pattern in relation to local historical events. For example, in 1718 the first newspaper was published in Leeds. This is celebrated with special lighting at 17.18pm (on some weeks). In 1819 Leeds' streets were lit by gas, so at 18.19pm (on some weeks) the lighting piece has a special 5 minute event to celebrate the occasion. These events change every week throughout the year. No four hours are the same.
The lights are also connected to the local BBC weather updates so that when it snows in Leeds little flecks of white circulate down the artwork. Heavy rainfall in Leeds will activate dashes of white rapidly descending the artwork.

Photo: Carl Milner
Architect: DLA (John Orrell)
Fabricator: Stage One
Lighting: Blinding Light