Thursday, 26 May 2016

Projected poetry in Nottingham

The poems are almost ready to be projected. I have just completed drawing most of the 365 poems to be projected under the tram bridge at Nottingham Railway Station. One of the 365 poems is selected randomly each night. The programmable linear LED lights under the bridge respond to the trams moving above the bridge. Here are some sketches showing what they will look like - well, it will be a bit darker. Installation is due at the end of June/early July 2016.

Nottingham was recently awarded the City of Literature status by UNESCO and the project is very fortunate to have received a poem about Anne Frank by Andrew Motion. This will add to the literary profile of the city.

Thanks to Nottingham City Council, Duncan Turner and all the writers/poets who sent in poems from around the world.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Interactive poetry wall

Continuing with the digtial and physical artworks, here is an interactive poetry wall sample. This can be scaled in size and poem construction to fit any wall. Each drum contains a set of 11 words in each category i.e. nouns, adjective's etc. The drums can be slotted in and out which means that any category can easily be updated or a whole new set inserted if required.The drums are made from printed aluminium.

The drums are programmed to respond randomly when a person is detected - eight drums rotate on each occasion. This significantly changes the poem and guarentees a varied combination every time.

The sonic sensor is programmed to respond to people within a range of 5cm to 50 cm's of the artwork. The sonic sensor acts like a bats echolocation.

The background pattern is made from a repeated ampersand.

A short film showing the interactive poetry wall in action is currently being made and will be uploaded when complete.

Thanks enormously to Sue Stewart and Matt Little.