Friday, 22 July 2016

Burnley zoetrope film

Here is a short film of the two three dimensional animated zoetropes for Burnley Borough Council as part of their new Weavers Triangle public square.

There are 25 different 3D printed models in each zoetrope, each one in a slightly different position. They are located on a disc and when the hand crank is rotated the disc of figures rotates. Under each figure is a magnet which activates a strobe light above the figure. The flickering on and off reveals each figure as it passes the viewer like flip book.  Due to persistence of vision this creates the appearance of the three dimensional figures coming to life.

Many thanks to Seb Boyesen and Burnley Borough Council.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Nottingham lighting installation completed

The installation of the Nottingham lights under the Station Street tram bridge, down Trent Street and under the canal arch is now complete. The lights under the bridge and tram overhang change colour with different pattern over lays so that the pattern and form are never repeated from hour to hour, evening to evening, week to week, year to year.

As the trams pass overhead they activate new patterns under the bridge moving in the direction of the tram. 

The canal arch also changes colour over the water but this is slower and the gobo projection of Nottingham lace stays the same but looks different as the gentle floods change colour. 

The poems are all up and ready now and the piece is switched off until a September launch.

Here are some quick pictures from last night. Andrew Hilton will be photographing and filming the piece properly. My aim is for Andrew to photograph every single projected to poem to make a collection.

Massive thanks again go to Duncan Turner. A gem of a man. Also to Sharon Scaniglia and Nottingham City Council.