Friday, 6 November 2015

burnley launch artistic lighting

Here are some more photos that Burnley Borough Council (Andy Ford) took from this weeks launch of the Weavers Triangle project.
Massive thank you to all involved.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Burnley launch artistic lighting

The launch for the new artistic lighting in Burnley took place last night in front a very sizeable crowd. The project has been supported by Prince Charles and there were a number of speeches followed by a firework display that preceded the turning on of the artistic lights via a large red button. Here Burnley Borough Council Chief Executive Pam Smith says 'Burnley's powerhouse past hits its powerhouse future...........'

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Burnley lights

Last night Duncan Turner and I tweaked the projected lights at the Weavers Triangle, Burnley in preparation for Wednesdays launch. Deepest thanks to Duncan and Nayan for making it happen.

A series of gobos create the still images. The first chimney has an image inspired by the carved wooden blocks used at this Mill to print patterns on the cotton produced here. The second chimney has three images which fade from one to another. An animated image of a shuttle moving up and down the chimney, an engineers drawing of the dobby loom used in this Mill (and also shown in the 3d animated zoetrope previously shown on this blog) and a punch card inspired image. 

The two projectors for the interactive films are triggered by 4 PIR's which cover the canal side towpath, the bridge onto the new public square and the front of the square. As people move into these zones they activate one or both of the projectors. A still image remains until activated.

The two halves of the projection work independently but the imagery links to form two halves of one image. The chimneys in the film come to life and various activities occur which relate to the sites cotton industry and appear like the buildings memories. The chap in the image is Mr Slater (the films are projected onto Slater Terrace) and he built the Mill. There are 50 video clips which last 40 seconds each and are selected randomly when people enter the square or walk along the canal path

The pieces are permanent and come on automatically at sunset. The chimney lights remain on until 1am and the interactive films remain on until 11pm.

These images are snaps from last night and Andrew Hilton will be coming to site and photograph the light works properly. He also has a drone and will make a short film. I'll upload these in the near future.