Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Perpetual Light performance

On Sat 4th June there will be a performance of Jessica Curry's Perpetual Light at the Old Vic Tunnels, London. This is a requiem about Hiroshima. Jessica asked me to create a film and installation for her. These two images are stills from the film. The piece then goes on to Edinburgh Festival on August 25th I think it is.

Tickets from    http://www.perpetual-light.com/       

Seaham St John's Square design

Currently designing. 12 Sea Captain's chairs in an arc form the public seating for the new Square at Seaham. Each cast iron seat has a colour change led light underneath it which change as the tides rise and fall, like a light clock.

Each seat has an upholstered pattern and where the buttons would be will be holes for water drainage. As the sea mists arrive the light from below the chair will emerge up through each chair as a series of coloured beams using the mist as a screen.


Currently designing. Misfit characters (taken from local history) to stand on top of an ionic column in Chester-le-Street. As vehicles pass the sculpture so the images rotate creating new characters.

Example of one side of the sculpture showing Dainty Dinah (local historical character) standing on an ionic column. 7 metres tall.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Glass artwork

Glazing for the new Northern Ballet building, Leeds. Images animate as the public walk past. 33m long x 3.8m high. I am currently having this piece photographed, so I hope that some better images arrive shortly.


Lovely heads.