Monday, 27 October 2014

Orangery, Beam, Wakefield

An updated flythrough by Tim Anderson (DLA Architects) for the collaborative project redeveloping Beam's headquarters in Wakefield. Lighting in the form of a circuit that changes colour with the electrical variations of an orange tree. Other orange trees sited within the cavity of the variable transparent / translucent / opaque exterior glass wall.

Massive thanks to Tim Anderson, John Orrell, Rob Powell and Kate Watson.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Orangery, Beam, Wakefield

Collaborating with Tim Anderson and John Orrell from DLA architects, Leeds on the new development of Beam's base, the Orangery (an old orangery). The site is next to the redeveloped railway station in Wakefield.

These ideas are still in progress. We are looking to reconfigure the building and have artistic lighting that is activated by the variable electrical current of an orange tree. The image of circuits on the exterior light up, change colour and are connected to the orange tree roots. This becomes an Orange Circuitree.

The semi transparent exterior creates views into the new upper garden.

Many thanks to Tim Anderson (also created the animation), John Orrell, Rob Powell and Kate Watson.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Weaver's Triangle, Burnley

The interactive film to be projected onto Slater Terrace at the Weaver's Triangle is in full flow. There are two projectors, each with its own PIR to detect movement of people in the new public square. As people trigger the sensor a new 40 second film clip will start. The images always start and end on this image. There will be all kinds of animation of the image taking place in response to people walking by.

The left hand and right hand image operate independently.

Very many thanks to Duncan Turner, Cecilia Whittaker, Helen Jones, Adam Lockett, Burnley Borough Council and James Moran Zietek