Thursday, 25 September 2014

Weaver's Triangle Burnley

I have been designing two hand cranked 3d animated zoetropes to be sited in the new public square in Burnley. The first is a figure pushing a trolley with cotton bales accompanied by a cat. He'll walk up a slight incline and down again, looking at the viewer once on his circuit.

The poem is taking from John Trafford Clegg's 'A Weighver's Song'. The three red stripes reference the
red stripes of the tea towels made in the Weaver's Triangle and repeated in the projections. The text is within the broad red stripes and made from a series of dots - like a punch card which is also echoed on the Slater Terrace Chimney projection.

Seb Boyesen is currently making these figures using zbrush and then they'll be 3d printed.

Many thanks to Seb Boyesen, Cecilia Whittaker, Helen Jones, Burnley Borough Council and James Moran-Zeitik.

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