Saturday, 13 September 2014

Burnley Weavers Triangle

Burnley chimney lighting

I am illuminating two chimneys as part of the Weavers Triangle development in Burnley. One chimney will be lit by 3 lights and create the word WOOF. Each section will slowly come on and finally create the word whole word. WOOF also means weft - fitting for this powerful weaving location. The stripes at the top and bottom of the chimney reference the red stripes at the ends of the tea towels produced in the weaving shed 100 metres away.

Due to be installed in November with the Slater Terrace chimney also being illuminated - with the word WEARP (so that we can project the central word EAR), an interactive film and two 3 dimensional animated zoetropes for the new public square.

A big thank you to Duncan Turner, Nayan (NK Projects), Cecilia Whitaker, Helen Jones, James Moran-Zietek and Burnley Borough Council.

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