Friday, 26 August 2011

FLOW. 180 Degrees of Light. Northamptonshire

We had the 2nd evening of laser testing last night shining a couple of 7.8w lasers to and from Rothwell and Desborough water towers. The subtle and varied quality of the laser beams surprised me. The beam splayed over the 2 miles between the towers so that by the time it landed on the Anglian Water tower drum, it was a curious horizontal cascade of light  - like a fast moving green stream. 
Locals seemed very interested as car after car stopped at Desborough water tower having followed the beam from Rothwell. Graham spoke to a gathering about the project and they were very supportive of what we are doing. We saw people coming out of their houses and just staring at the beam and drum.

Massive thanks to Anglian Water's Andy Pickard, Dal Badial from Laser Hire London who supplied the lasers, my brother Michael Fairfax for photographing the event and Graham Callister for co-designing the project.

Desborough water tower. One beam landing on the drum and creating the moving striated patterns and another beam leaving towards Rothwell water tower.

Rothwell water tower. The beam from Desborough landing on Rothwell water tower and the 7.8w laser being sent back.

Desborough water tower. Looking back from Desborough to Rothwell water tower you can see the beam diverge and small particles sparkling in the beam.

Photographs: Michael Fairfax.

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