Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Projected lines of poetry. Nottingham Railway Station.

The model showing one of the 365 different lines of poetry projected onto the Nottingham Railway bridge wall. A new line of poetry will be projected each night of the year. Nottingham was recently awarded UNESCO 's City of Literature status for it's literary history and present. Below is a line from a local boy.........

The piece is installed and currently turned off - ready to be launched on October 6th.

A new image of the model and a different line of poetry is being shown every day until launch night on the instagram account


Massive thanks to Duncan Turner, Sharon Scaniglia, all the writers and Nottingham City Council.

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  1. Morning Mr Fairfax,
    I found out about this brilliant idea the other day on Notts TV and would have loved to be included in the Nottingham Project. Will you be doing anything similar for next year in Nottingham?

    yours sincerely

    Lisa Martin