Friday, 24 July 2015

Burnley lighting

The new lighting pieces are starting to be set up in Burnley. Illuminating two magnificent chimneys on the new public square. 

Here are some images from the latest evenings installation this week.

Animated images of a shuttle work their way up the west side of a chimney and then fade to reveal on the southerly side an engineers drawing of a cross section of the loom used in the Weavers Triangle factories. This fades to reveal a rhythmic punch card pattern on the east side.

A separate image on the second chimney to the rear of the square shows a repeat woodblock pattern similar to ones used locally on the cotton produced on site when the cotton industry was at its peak in Burnley.

Massive thanks To Duncan Turner and Nayan for their tireless work.

Thanks also to Burnley Council, to Cecilia Whittaker, Helen Jones, Adam Lockett and James Moran-Zietek.

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