Thursday, 26 June 2014

Derby gold

Lights for the 'Golden Spine' in Derby city centre were connected this week. A set of LED lights are hidden along the length of the gold cladding and an additional set of down lighters are directed onto the rivers surface. The combination causes a golden arc of flickering light in the river.

A small sculptural water turbine uses the River Derwent as a power source which creates a supply to run the LED lights. It also creates surplus energy which is sold to the National Grid. This creates an annual fund which will be allocated to local schools or the Silk Mill to undertake projects for young people in Derby interested in art, architecture and sustainability.

Massive thanks to Seb Boyesen for fabrication and installation and also to Paula Moss for her photographs.

Many thanks too to Mike Preston, the TV team, Helen Oakes and Derby City Council.

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  1. excellent work mr fairfax and great photographs paula moss. must be wonderful to see for real