Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Light Calling, Daventry

Light Calling laser art event took place on Monday evening on Borough Hill, Daventry in torrential rain. Four 7.8w lasers, sited on the four massive concrete bases of the old transmitter, created a vast pyramid of light referencing the old transmitter masts which once graced this fantastic site until the final BBC World Service transmission from here 20 years ago.

This event and images are part of Breath of Fresh Air's 'Cargoes' project run by Rick Hall, Amy Turner and Hasmita Chavda and dovetailed with Graham Callister's input from Northamptonshire County Council plus help from Katie Jones at Daventry District Council.

On the night local historian David Adams lead the public on an historical walk around the site before the lights went on and then Chrys Allen undertook a nocturnal art walk concluding at the laser pyramid.

The lasers collided with low flying clouds and the evening was captured by Andrew Hilton. 

Thanks to Rick Hall, Amy Turner, Hasmita Chavda, Graham Callister, Dal Badial, Darren Elston, Andrew Hilton, Katie Jones, Chrys Allen, David Adams, the photographers who have been following these laser projects, and the public.

Photos by Andrew Hilton

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