Thursday, 26 April 2012


Last night saw the first laser test for the new Cargoes project. This took place on Borough Hill, Daventry, where the final BBC World Service transmission on this site took place 20 years ago. The exposed hill is full of concrete transmitter plinths. We sited one 7.8w laser on each of the four major plinths to create a large light pyramid/transmitter form.

Thanks to the Cargoes team for making this project happen and Chrys Allen for preparing her nocturnal 'art' walk on May 7th 9pm start. Thanks to Graham Callister, Dal Badial, Darren and the team of photographers following these laser interventions - Ian Brock, Keith Park, Steve Wood and Andrew Randall.

This image taken by Ian Brock is the first to emerge. Thanks.

A photograph supplied by Daventry Museum of the original transmitter masts

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