Monday, 27 February 2012

HERO. Boughton House. Northamptonshire.

This temporary showing went live at the weekend. Last night a beautiful river mist arrived, which was exactly what we'd wanted. The mist gently swirled in the lasers creating rippling pockets of bright light along the canalised river. Viewing will be available again on March 3rd and 4th.

Members of the public have been bringing their cameras and taking some terrific shots. Here are two fine examples.

                                                                        Keith Park

Ian Brock

and the first of many from Andrew Hilton our team photographer with Boughton House in the background

Thanks again to Boughton House, Dal Badial, Andrew Hilton and of course Graham Callister. 


  1. Hurrah, more great canal treatment from jo and the boys..when will the works realise how great you are....?

  2. That should read when will the world......and those photos are WOW!