Friday, 9 September 2011

FLOW. 180° of Light. Northamptonshire.

We had another laser test last night shining a laser from Rothwell to Beanfield and back again. 

Andrew Hilton took the following the photographs. Thank you.

Big thanks to Dal Badial (Laser Hire London), Andy Pickard (Anglian Water), Chrys Allen (BOFA) and Graham Callister (Project Manager and collaborator).

Seeing the water towers lit up caused quite a stir again with the locals - who apparently facebooked the testing whilst it was taking place.

Next week we plan to create the full triangle using six 7.8w lasers.

Silhouettes of Dal Badial, Jo Fairfax, Andy Pickard and Graham Callister on the Beanfield water tower. The striations behind us are rapidly moving from left to right. This is a result of the crystal oscillation revealing itself as the divergent beam strikes the water drum

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  1. Fantastic images....this is a great project, can't. Believe I am not there with you tearing around the northamptonshire countryside...and great stuff on the face booking..this will enter folklore....