Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Calke Abbey zoetrope

A section of one of the 5 zoetropes for Calke Abbey. Each zoetrope will have animated horse related activity (to be shown in the horse exercise yard) and a quote from Sir George Crewe's journal. (Lived in Calke Abbey from 1815 - 1834.)


  1. Hello,

    and apologies for this impersonal “round robin” - (too little time, too much to know!)

    I thought you might be interested to know that I have started work on a new website, The Wheel of Life. The subject is 19th-century sequence-picture optical toys.

    The Home page is here:

    this links through to the main essays.

    The Contents list is here:

    this links to other pages.

    There’s lots still to do to get the basic website finished (links to image sources, more main essays, etc) and then I’ll try to add something every month.

    I hope you enjoy The Wheel of Life as it develops, and I’m always pleased to hear comments, and learn new things about the subject.

    Best wishes,

    Stephen Herbert

  2. Thank you for leaving a message. What a rich arena. Your website looks fantastic - so much to explore. Some great images and optical effects. Good luck with its ongoing progression.

    I made 5 animated zoetropes for the wonderful horse exercise yard at Calke Abbey. Each with its imagery and animation.

    Thanks and good luck.